Our Fundraising So Far

Hello team, happy Sunday ~ how are we all doing?

When I built this new website I was adamant I would keep up with writing a blog for you guys about our journey with this project - I haven't done so well with that yet have I! So sorry - I shall aim to do better moving forward and make sure you guys are up to date.

I am writing this from my sofa (under a blanket) on a very wet and windy day in Cornwall. I am spending some time down here over the Summer when my bungalow isn't rented out. I'm finding it a very healing, calming kind of place to be and I seem to leave a little bit more of my heart here every time I leave.

Over the past few days I have been working on some new tee designs, I felt after nearly 2 years (holy moly) it was time to shake things up a little and have a new look with some new colours. It is always a little scary changing things up with a small project like this because I always want to produce items that you guys want to buy. As this is a non-profit I would hate for stock to not sell and be sat in my spare room (still manifesting that studio space!) BUT I think it's time, so we will go for it and I will pray you will love them just as much as me!

In terms of fundraising, I am just waiting on confirmation but I think we have just gone over the £60,000 mark, which is amazing! This is from my years of fundraising in total but mostly from the last few years of running The MND Tee, so a huge thank you to YOU. It's funny isn't it - because I know that is a huge amount of money, and I am sure it is helping in a huge way, but in my heart I know we just have to keep going. We need to see more advances in treatment, care and more funds being piled into research. I still feel this cause is SO under researched and I just wish for a day where there will be more answers for patients, their families and ultimately a cure. So we are only just getting started then hey?

So what's next? Along with the products side of this project I would really like to run some events now that is looking a little more possible. Getting people together to spread the knowledge we have of MND would be really beneficial for awareness and in my experience, events can be a great way of raising more funds too. Perhaps the MND Tee can be the umbrella ☔️ for the products side and the events, that's my thoughts anyway!

Whilst I am talking about the products side, you guys know that I only ever sell through Instagram at the moment, and it really is just down to me to keep creating content, keep pushing for sales and keep growing the following. This is sometimes really really hard. I think we have been stuck just under 3,000 followers for quite a while now and I worry it is SO niche that I have reached my limit of who would relate to the project. Saying that, I haven't tried any ads yet, so this is something I am going to do moving forward. My aim over the next few months is to really focus on growing our following, producing more exciting content and in turn hopefully increase sales. Wish me luck!

I hope this gives you guys a little update and as always, I just wanted to say a big thank you for continuing to support this project. It is all down to you that I am still going two years later and I hope we can continue to thrive moving forward.

Sending so much love to those going through it right now. I really do feel it for you and wish I could take it away. For now, hugs, and remember..

"Where certainty ends, hope begins"

Em xxx