The MND TEE is about connection, community and creating a change. It’s about living with purpose, appreciating the tiny moments of joy in each day and making those moments count. It’s about protecting those we love and remembering those we’ve lost and, ultimately, it’s about truly recognising how precious and finite life really is.

This little clothing brand has been created as a way of fighting back against Motor Neurone Disease.

MND is a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that affects the brain and the spinal cord. It attacks the nerves that control movement so the muscles eventually weaken. MND can affect every individual differently and symptoms can progress at different speeds. Effects can be devastating and currently, there is no cure. To learn more about the disease itself or if you would like to seek any advice, there is more information on the MNDA's website.


My journey with The MND Tee started after losing my father to MND. It feels entirely instilled within me to help others in a similar situation and to try and make a change within the world of MND. My mission is that I want to help spread mass awareness of MND, help fund research and help support people in the community. 
MND can affect the way we communicate, and I saw first hand how devastating this can be for families. Throughout my Fathers battle with MND he always used one thumb to communicate until his last day with us. This always put a smile on our faces and created a strong connection. It was fascinating to learn that this symbol became significant to the MNDA when actor David Niven gave a thumbs up as his last gesture before he died in 1983. It remains a symbol of hope for us all. 
We know this isn't the first charity tee, but we hope it is the one that you will cherish. We don't want these just used for the gym or thrown in your PJ drawer. The simple design and beautifully soft cotton allows you to wear these items wherever, whenever and enjoy them for not just an item of clothing but one that has a huge purpose and makes a huge difference.